Who am I?
I, Dr. Patrick Mweu Musimba, am the MEMBER of NATIONAL ASSEMBLY representing Kibwezi West Constituency. I hold a Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.
In addition I have a Master of Science Degree (MSc.) in Entrepreneurship from the JKUAT majoring in Technology Development and Innovation for Small Scale Enterprises and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (B.Com) from University of Nairobi majoring in Finance.
I am the Chairman of Musimba Investment Group with interests in Technology, Security, Agro business, Mining, Energy, Sports promotion and Ecotourism with an international reach.
Our Mission
Through mutual cooperation we shall endeavour to achieve our vision by improving our lives and livelihood through providing a conducive environment for economic, social, political and cultural development of our constituency.
About Kibwezi West
Situated in Makueni County, Kibwezi West Constituency (087) comprises of a population of 165,925 spread across an area spanning approximately 2,100.70 Sq.Km.

Map of Kibwezi

Our Vision

As people of Kibwezi West Constituency we shall work together to be a leading constituency in improving our human capital through enhanced agriculture, livestock production, industrial development and service provision for wealth creation and poverty reduction

Aspirational Statement

In view of our core values and principles adopted Kibwezi West Constituency will assume leadership and good representation of its people as embodied in our national anthem and seek to excel in Kenya as a symbol of togetherness and growth. We shall seek to help the less fortunate in our constituency by applying biblical principles of giving for those who truly give will truly receive, for our ethos is grounded in the firm belief that no one is so poor that he has nothing to give nor too rich that cannot receive.

>> Goals <<

To improve livelihood of Kibwezi West Constituents in the next
five years, through provision of servant leadership and good representation in parliament and outside parliament

Our goal will be achieved through the following strategies
  • Lobbying for aids and grant from NGO's, Companies, and well wishers for Kibwezi West.
  • Networking with County Government, National Government, Aids Agencies for Aid.
  • Influencing other stakeholders to come to Kibwezi west to initiate development projects, For Example; AFC, ICDC, K.I.E.
  • Fundraising locally and internationally for the benefit of my people.
  • Use of appropriate technology to harness Athi River waters and create big farms to produce food crops for our constituency and a bread basket for our nation.

>> Strategies <<

  • Enhanced education – will enhance education standards and ofer scholarship to needy youths.
  • Linkages – link CBO's, Groups, NGO's to local and international donors.
  • Entrepreneurship –provide support and training to our people on base practise entrepreneurship with a view of Reviving collapsed horticultural projects and vegetable care to enhance production for local and international export markets.
  • Job creation – link graduates and youths to potential employees.
  • Youth Empowerment through use of ICT facilities at Kiunduani, Emali, and major town centres. We will also start small Microenterprises (SME's) businesses for Youth and Women Groups.
  • Building of Polytechnics and Driving Schools.
Email Address: pamoja@patrickmusimba.co.ke

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